(no automatic penis or mouthfuls of jizz for BATFE) Give it a rating below. Ive actually had two BCGs gas keys come loose, one being an early Fail Zero NiB BCG. Ionbond Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Coating is a state-of-the-art metal finish applied through a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. The finish is valued for its slickness and durability. The 308 carrier is precisely machined from case-hardened 8620 alloy steel. I was wondering if I need to purchase a specialized upper to fit a full auto BCG since the back of it is longer and a smidgen heavier than standard ones? What brand is the full auto in the comparison that you did? Add to Cart. Let's sort through some of the more popular BCG finishes and coatings and see the Pros, Cons and Recommendations! Yes what he said. My WMD NiB BCG has been chugging along in my AR pistol for a few thousand roundsand Ive only needed to wipe it down with some cleaner and microfiber cloth. Main lessonget a full-auto weighted BCG if reliability is a concern. Titanium Nitride is an extremely hard ceramic material, often used in aerospace and military applications that improves the maintenance, cleaning, and edge retention. Properly manufactured BCGs with a phosphate finish will still have a chrome lining inside the gas key and inside the carrier where the gas rings ride. Facebook; Instagram; . And now I hope to answer some of yours! Quick View. This tube has been designed to allow ample clearance for the removal of the roller cam pin during maintenance. There The bolt carrier is machined from 8620 carbon steel. RTB Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group - 9310 - MPI - M16 BCG (5.56) MSRP: $169.99 SALE PRICE: $114.95 IN STOCK Add to Cart M16/AR15 Bolt - 9310 MPI (5.56) - Completion Kit - Black Nitride MSRP: $85.00 SALE PRICE: $45.95 IN STOCK Add to Cart 7.62x39 AR15 Enhanced Firing Pin MSRP: $12.99 SALE PRICE: $8.95 IN STOCK Add to Cart So if you don't mind cleaning your current and the recoil isn't a big deal, what other reason is there to change? For these reasons, it is a very popular AR-15 BCG finish. The Faxon 5.56 M16 Bolt Carrier Group, Nitride is a high-performance and reliable upgrade for your AR-15 rifle. , Best AR15 BCG Finishes - Pros Cons and Recommendations, There's a vast number of finishes available for AR-15. We'll only use the information provided according to our privacy policy. Its great NiB will run fine with a small amount of lube I recommend using normal amount of lube. Pistols will no longer ship with braces. So, if youre building a SHTF, zombie-apocalypse-proof, riflego with a regular BCG. FINISH ON PAGES 3 to 987999246. Nitride +3. The bolt carrier group is machined from the toughest steel and topped off with an impenetrable layer of nickel boron. All critical parts are coated with EXO Nickel Boron technology that provides . A sports car needs a great engine. Brownells Nitride M16 BCG gives you the added benefit of the Nitride finish which makes it slicker and easier to clean. This BCG will meet your performance standards and value. M16 Complete Bolt & Carrier Group - Nickel Boron, AR15 Complete Low Mass Bolt & Carrier Group - Nickel Boron, AR15 Complete Low Mass Bolt & Carrier Group - Nitrided, Del-Ton AR15 MP/HP Tested Bolt & Carrier Assy, Del-Ton M16 MP/HP Tested Bolt & Carrier Assy BCG, Fostech AR15 M16 Bolt Carrier Group Black Nitride - 6226 ** LAST ONE, FosTech Complete LOW MASS Bolt Carrier Group (Nickel Boron), Odin Works 6.5 Grendel Type 2 Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group, Anderson MFG AM-10 .308 Bolt Carrier Group, AR10 .308 Complete Low Mass Nitride Bolt & Carrier, 6.8SPC/224 Valk M16 Complete Mil-spec Bolt & Carrier - Nitride, Anderson Mfg .458 SOCOM Bolt Carrier Group, Angstadt Arms AR15 5.56 NATO Complete Bolt & Carrier Group QPQ Black Nitride Finish, AR15 .450 Bushmaster/.458 SOCOM Bolt Carrier Group, AR15 7.62x39 Complete Bolt & Carrier - Nitride, Black Rain Ordnance .308 AR Complete Bolt Carrier Group -Nickel Boron Coated NIB Finish, Brownells M16 5.56 MP Chrome Bolt & Carrier, Colt Manufacturing M16 5.56 Complete Bolt & Carrier, Faxon Firearms 5.56 M16 Bolt Carrier Complete, Chameleon PVD, Guntec AR15 Complete Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group (Rainbow Pvd Coated), Guntec AR15 Complete Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group (Titanium Coated), JP Enterprises 308 SS LMOS Carrier Group w/ JP Enhanced High Pressure Bolt (DPMS Platform) - Polished Finish, JP Enterprises 308 SS LMOS Carrier Group w/ JP Enhanced High Pressure Bolt (DPMS Platform) - QPQ Black Finish, JP Enterprises Full Mass Stainless Carrier with Key, JP Enterprises Low Mass Polished Stainless Carrier with Key installed, JP Enterprises Low Mass Stainless Carrier with Key, Lefty Complete Bolt & Carrier Group - Nitrided, Midwest Industries AR15 Bolt Carrier Group - Black Nitride, Stern Defense SD BU9 NiB ECHO - Glock Compatible, Powered by Network Solutions Online Store. Live Chat Live Chat. 158 Bolt: Shot Peened Mag Particle Inspected: Yes. A better one might last longer or be a bit more reliable in bad conditions, but that depends on what you currently have Vs. what you might upgrade to. Top 3 Reasons You Might Want a Nickel Boron BCG. Please view details for more information. Of a given product or application of a feature. It has an attractive gray graphite-like appearance. Brownells - M16 Mil-Spec MP/HPT Bolt Carrier Group. Top 5 Best AR-15 BCG Bolt Carrier Group Reviews. This coating offers unfaltering protection from wear and corrosion that would ordinarily degrade . , What is the MAG Qual? are known for less felt recoil, so why would that not translate to the AR platform when talking about the BCG mass? I would disagree with the title of the article that these are the 10 best. The the real differences in quality versus cost is lost if you don't know the real source of manufacturing control and stability. I also agree with a lot of others here that cryptic coatings should be considered, they are the slickest bcgs I've ever used with the lowest friction on the market. NIB (nickel boron) Bolt & Carrier; S7 Extractor; Full Auto Compatible (M16 Cut) Forward Assist Serrations; Staked Gas Key Bolts; 8640 Firing pin; 4340 Cam Pin; Please check the headspace on every build. Full mil-spec everything. . Save a little with their Nitridebut might as well go big or go home. 8620 Steel, 9310 Steel, Carpenter 158, Carpenter 158 Steel, Stainless Steel, Blue PVD, Chameleon PVD, Chrome, DLC, Ion Bond FDE, Lithium Isonite, Mag Phosphate, Nano Diamond Nickel, Nanoweapon, Nanoweapon Chrome Nitride, Nickel Boron, NP3, TiN, Salt Bath Nitride, Stainless Steel, HP Tested, Individually HP Tested, Untested, Blue PVD, Chameleon PVD, Chrome, DLC, Ion Bond FDE, Lithium Isonite, Mag Phosphate, Nano Diamond Nickel, Nanoweapon, Nanoweapon Chrome Nitride, Nickel Boron, NP3, Salt Bath Nitride, Stainless Steel, TiN. It is also smooth and slick which makes for smooth operation and easier cleaning. I just had a meeting talking about how few manufacturers there are for BCG's. How to Build An AR-15: Your AR Build Made Easy, BROWNELLS - M16 5.56 LIGHTWEIGHT BOLT CARRIER GROUP, BROWNELLS - M16 5.56 BOLT CARRIER GROUP NITRIDE MP, BROWNELLS - M16 5.56 BOLT CARRIER GROUP CHROME MP, FOXTROT MIKE PRODUCTS - FM-9 BOLT CARRIER ASSEMBLY, BROWNELLS - M16 5.56 BOLT CARRIER GROUP TiN MP, BROWNELLS - M16 6.5 GRENDEL / 6MM ARC BOLT CARRIER GROUP NITRIDE MP, BROWNELLS - M16 5.56 BOLT CARRIER GROUP NICKEL BORON MP, DANIEL DEFENSE - M16 5.56 BOLT CARRIER GROUP, SPIKES TACTICAL - M16 5.56 NICKEL BORRON BOLT CARRIER GROUP, BRAVO COMPANY - M16 5.56 BOLT CARRIER GROUP, WMD GUNS - M16 5.56 NICKEL BORON BOLT CARRIER GROUPS, BROWNELLS - M16 7.62X39 BOLT CARRIER GROUP NITRIDE MP, BROWNELLS - AR-15 9MM BOLT ASSEMBLY FOR GLOCK, SPIKES TACTICAL - M16 5.56 BOLT CARRIER GROUP, WMD GUNS - AR-15 5.56 NICKEL BORON BOLT CARRIER GROUPS, RUBBER CITY ARMORY - AR-15/M16 ADJUSTABLE GAS KEY, BROWNELLS - AR15 BOLT CARRIER GROUP 5.56X45MM NITRIDE MP, VOLQUARTSEN - RUGER 10/22 COMPETITION BOLT ASSEMBLY, FOXTROT MIKE PRODUCTS - AR-15 FM-9 COLT BOLT CARRIER ASSEMBLY, BROWNELLS - M16 6.8MM SPC BOLT CARRIER GROUP NITRIDE MP, California Residents: Do Not Share My Personal Information. The PVD coating by Ionbond provides a very low coefficient of friction while providing a unique look and increased reliability. The heavier standard BCGs are better suited to running any kind of ammo through any kind of gas system. If it does what you want it to do, there isn't a need to change. This beautiful chrome BCG is no exception. And the BCG that comes with their upper has always gone bang through many thousands of rounds. Go/No-go gauges are too cheap to make excuses about safety concerns. Try contacting E2 Armory - ask for Kaylee. All Colt makes these days are the extractors, The pony is a mere shadow of once greatness.. Are the Phosphate bolts stronger than both NiB & TiN? Current mil spec for bolt carrier groups in military rifles (M16 and M4) is phosphate. Is this the Young Manufacturing that doesn't know how to stake their gas keys? And they are actually the cheapest in the whole article. Our Price: $130.00. The F-1 DuraBolt bolt carrier group is M-16, full-auto rated. Green +2. Can anyone recommend a BCG compatible with an LMT .308? Ar15 Upper/lower Accuracy anti-wobble wedge $ 6.60 $ 4.99 . Lantac is very high quality, tough as hell, and highly sought after. Personalize your experience. Aero Precision products are solid and their bolt carrier groups are no exception. Please email johnd@spikestactical.com or call 407.928.2666 to acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA.) I've doubled the price of my first AR (Ruger AR556) with optic and other upgrades. All the high pressure bolts like JP Enterprises are made with 9310 and state its stronger than C158, which is just mil-spec (the minimum standard). It is responsible for guiding the firing pin to the primer, extracting and ejecting the fired case, feeding the new cartridge into the chamber, and locking properly . Thanks guys! Seems the lighter BCG would at least make the recoil "snapier" than with a heavier BCG? Bolts, Carriers & BCGs (Bolt Carrier Groups), 17-4 H-900 Stainless Steel or Hard Chrome Firing Pin. Can you provide some input? Let me remind you that a quality Ar will run very dirty as long as it's wet. APF Armory Bolt Carrier Group AR-15 223 Remington, 5.56x45mm Nickel Boron; APF Armory Bolt Carrier Group AR-15 223 Remington, 5.56x45mm Nickel Boron Shop All Featured Ammunition Featured Reloading Supplies Featured Gun Parts Featured . 6 Reviews. WMD Guns' proprietary NiB-X nickel boron coating for BCGs delivers a finish over 40% harder than chrome and with a 30% longer life span even in a rifle bore. Had never heard of them. Category suggestion. In Stock. Aero Precision Nickel Boron BCG (SpiceTac). should ban this idiot from writing anything and only let professionals with experience and actual knowledge speak. Free Shipping on orders of $199+ |Use Code: SITESHIP | Restrictions apply, Offer ends 3/5/2023. CMMG Bravo .22 LR Conversion Kit W/ One 25 Round Magazine. Blem PVD Rainbow M16 BCG Chameleon Bolt Carrier Group - $113.99 w/code "NEW5OFF" $113.99. The bolt carrier group (also known as the "BCG") is the heartbeat of any rifle like an AR-15 or AR-10. It's a good option, for some people, but it's not a great option for a lot of people. Nickel Boron (NiB) used to go for a lot more in price but now theyve stabilized at around the BCM pricepoint. Additionally I would recommend other bolt materials like the sharps that's made out of s7 tool steel, or JP enterprises who makes amazing products like a variable mass carrier, and enhanced bolt that has a different lug cut to ease lock, strengthened cam pin hole, and low friction ring seals to reduce wear. Heres a BCG that has a trick up its sleeve. Bolt Carrier Group- Nickel Boron $ 225.00. Pros. Main thing is that it looks great and is performing great so far too. I make it a habit of trying everyone I can get my hands on personally. Since the typical AR platform uses a direct gas impingement design, the bolt group is in contact with carbon-laden gas with every shot. Love my AR-15 10.5 pistol! I would have liked to see mention of enhanced bolt carrier groups like the lantac or radian that have different dimensions and can help improve accuracy. Reason #1 - Reliability. On the basis of performance, nitride wins. I kept scrolling, looking for the Lewis. In fact so to cut corners in the learning curb for would be buyers? Any issues and they are handled expediently!!! When that build is complete be sure to shop for ammo here:Buy Ammo Online. Above: Toolcraft BCG with Manganese Phosphate finish. Thanks Mike, I've actually never heard of them! Click below for a FREE LESSON! Either will get the job done. Out of stock. Rough finish that requires more lubricant to run smoothly, Bravo Company (BCM) Bolt Carrier Group (Brownells). BCM M16 Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group. what is the major difference between a 8620 BCG and a 9310 BCG? 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Black Nitride is a very good second choice for less money. Full auto bolt carriers are essential if you run a fostech echo trigger. Bolt is shot Peened and HPT/MPI. I became my group's "gun guy" and everyone who had questions came to me. The DLC was chosen for high wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. Thanks to top brands like Aero Precision and FailZero are built to perform flawlessly with your favorite firearm. Check JP Enterprise but I'm thinking colt bcg have a proprietary cut to them?? Quick view. And the one thing that was not mentioned that has a big impact on what BCG works best in what AR is whether or not you like keeping your ARs dripping in oil or dryer than most. You do not pay ACME 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group AR-15 Nickel Boron C158. So to say that its all mil spec is a kind of buzafication of information . A nickel boron bolt carrier group will have greater lubricity and corrosion resistance than both chrome and nitride BCGs. The NBSM16 bolt carrier group is the perfect BCG for your next build and is compatible with any AR15 build. Learn all the important stuff about handgunswith none of the attitude. See our review here: Toolcraft Chrome Phosphate BCG Review, Above: Toolcraft BCG with Black Nitride finish. And priced at a nice price point between the BCM and Brownells. Get proficient on YOUR time. See our BCG recommendations:Best AR15 Bolt Carrier Groups. Properly built, no corners cut. ION Bonded Gas Rings $ 9.95.308 BCG Spikes Tactical-Nickel Boron $ 299.00. Out of stock. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And is easier to clean. It comes in at a much lighter 8.5 ounces (compared to a full auto 11.6 ounces). Copyright 2023 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. $199.00 $169.00. Above: Chrome lining inside Toolcraft phosphate carrier can be seen with light coming in from the cam pin slot. It is extremely slick while also being very corrosion resistant. Machined from 8620 Tool Steel (Carrier) and 158 Carpenter Steel (Bolt) Shrouded firing pin. GUARANTEED. The lugs on the bolt semi angled cut sloping down toward the muzzle end. I of course went with their Titanium Nitride (TiN). A low mass BCG moves faster which could increase your rate of fire, but skill makes a bigger difference in cyclic rate than bolt weight in a semi-auto gun. Designed for use with all 5.56-NATO-based cartridge cases. Mil-spec doesnt mean greatest ever, or worst, its just in spec to a military contract. Posted: 8/8/2017 3:54:01 PM EDT. The BATFE now needs to suckle up to a penis that they can all share like good gobblers of knob. See our Toolcraft DLC BCG review here: For specific comparisons of black finishes (Phosphate vs Nitride vs DLC ) see here. It is an electroless nickel-based finish for steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys that co-deposits sub-micron particles of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), otherwise known as Teflon, with electroless nickel. Building a performance-tuned competition rifle with an adjustable gas block? Otherwise I really enjoy your articles, thanks. Bolt lugs are chamfered 45 degrees to ensure reliable action for even the highest pressure hand loads and fast lightweight actions. Man it sucks to see how much the prices have gone up since this article was posted just a few months ago. That would be a more interesting, informative, and transparent story on BCGs. Review our complete Return Policy Financing Available Type your new password and hit button below to confirm it. Mil-Spec is a bit of a buzzword in the AR community. If it is and you want to spend the money and you like the color, well then it just might be a Nickel Boron kind of a day for you! I can attest to the cryptic coatings as they are by far the best. It must properly contain the high chamber pressures of the 223/556 . [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Disappointed in Nickel Boron BCG. When that build is complete be sure to shop for ammo here: Dan Wesson Pointman 1911: 15,000 Round Review, Shooting The Massad Ayoob Group MAG Qualifier, Best Handguns: Beginners & Home Defense [2023], Best 9mm Ammo for Self Defense & Target Shooting. It can be difficult to find BCGs finished in NP3 and it usually requires sending yours in to Robar to be plated. All critical parts are coated with EXO Nickel Boron technology that provides permanent dry lubricity, extreme durability and increases both wear and corrosion resistance. My pick if you want to go with the best-known name in the NiB BCG game. A few definitely deserve to he there, but not all. Disassemble it completely, inspect, clean and lube it as you would a standard phosphate carrier group. Phosphate has been serving the military well for many years and it works very well. This. I'm sure they have some advances with their $500 BCG but mine won't be in for months. Features: .223/5.56 NATO Nickel boron finish M16 cut 9310 steel carrier Carpenter 158 steel bolt Lightweight AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups Sale! Primary Weapons Systems DI BCG should be #1, followed by POF, BCM #3. PSA made the list of best BCG but DD isn't on the list? The Sharps 308 Balanced Bolt Carrier Group Complete has the same innovative design as the Sharps 5.56 Balanced Bolt Carrier Group. This Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) comes fully assembled and ready to drop into most mil spec AR15 upper receivers. White Label Armory's secret sauce: PRECISION GROUND. The pistol we Check out Rainier Arms Nitride BCG which meets or exceeds mil-spec. johhny B and his boys standing on the corner sucking that corporate dick again. what makes the BCM bcg better than the bcg it copies COLT. Properly built, no corners cut. SpiceTac | AR-15 Parts. Click for Details. We only sell the best bolt carrier group, because we understand the crucial role it plays in the function of your AR-15. Youll find over 90,000 products from top brands and hard-to-find unique gun parts, firearm accessories, gunsmithing tools, and other products to maintain, repair, and upgrade your guns for work, home, hobby, and protection. Lantac E-BCG. For a super tough and reliable BCG, look no further than the XPB. Just a specification, Mil-spec equipment began with a need to have proper performance and repair-ability among all military equipment. Our patented Nickel Boron coating will reduce friction and . If you havent tried the Black Rain BCG, you are missing out on the smoothest running BCG on the market today. Quantity: We currently have 1 available. AR-15 Pistol vs Rifle: Which Should You Choose? And easier to clean. A lot of manufacturers offer a completely 9310 steel bolt carrier group. Any reduction in recoil and firearm movement, in general, helps you stay on or get back on target as you fire. It can make you go nuts (the above is probably half of my BCGs). And check out the rest of our Best AR-15 Upgrades. It has a dull gray finish darker than chrome and nickel boron. Easiest to clean, best customer service, and no, I'm in no way affiliated with them. These two super hard finishes are both easy to clean workhorses that will take the punishment and come back for more. Features. Full auto semi auto comparison. It also offers unmatched lubricity. Whats your take on the BCM? Toolcraft Titanium Nitride BCG (SpiceTac), Above: This Bravo Company (BCM) BCG has been refinished with NP3+ by Robar. . Aero Precision Black Nitride BCG (SpiceTac). Add to Wish List Add to Compare. And now with different coatings. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. Is any of this sounding like a worthwhile version of the truth? Select what level shooter you are! Our Low Price $314.74 Your Security is Our Priority All this NiB and no mention of the Young Manufacturing chromed M16 BCG and bolt? Above: AR15 BCG finishes (l-r) Toolcraft Titanium Nitride, BCM BCG with Robar NP3+, Toolcraft Nickel Boron, Toolcraft Black Nitride, Colt BCG refinished in Chrome with Nickel Boron Gas Key, Toolcraft Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Finish, Toolcraft Chrome Phosphate. I do like them in terms of increased lubricity and ease of cleanup. gear. Normally a low mass BCG is combined with an adjustable gas block, less mass means less force is needed to move it. If you are looking for the perfect AR bolt carrier group for sale, Omaha Outdoors carries the 9mm, AR-10/AR-15 BCG and much more for low online prices! :). Now, I'm thinking new BCG for no real reason. Ive run into more semi-experienced shooters than I can count who had no idea, or only a vague idea, what headspace is, and had never checked it on any of their bolts/barrels/rifles. I got an LMT BCG in my main AR that hasnt had an issue yet and I have a lightweight VDI BCG that has their Lifecoat coating and the gas key is actually integrated into the BCG so there are no screws that can loosen or need to be staked. It has a 9310 bolt but that is the standard for lightweight builds. Something something about the bolt having similarities to a heat sink and making contact with fresh/cooler air. It cleaned up some, but no where near like new. , AR-15 Pistol vs Rifle: Which Should You Choose? Let's look at some of the best! First off, full-auto BCGs are legal and dont magically make your AR-15 automatic firing. Enable Accessibility. They are both winners, go with the finish that gives you the finished look you want. We already have an account registered for email address Brownells products are quality through and through. All components are coated with nickel boron to minimize friction and enhance performance. Faxon Firearms 5.56/300 BLK Gunner Light Weight Bolt Carrier Group - Chameleon PVD. Because nitrided bolt carrier groups do not require chrome lining of the gas key or inner areas of the bolt carrier, manufacturing costs are reduced. Faxon Bolt Carrier Groups are Superfinished to reduce friction, increase smoothness of operation, and reduce fouling. An aluminum carrier rubbing an aluminum receiver led to the carriers being used up in a few thousand rounds. This group also features a stainless steel gas inlet tube that's pressed and pinned into the solid gas key. Nothing much to say except its mil-spec everything and has a great reputation. I've found NiB & TiN BCGs for $100 & $120, respectively. I have yet to find a source except for some sketchy surplus sellers. AR15 Bolt Carrier Groups White Label's parent company, DRG Manufacturing produces our M16 BCG which is trusted by seasoned shooters and depended on by experienced builders. The Lantac Auto E-BCG is a great solution for your favorite auto rifle with increased mass and lock time. Knurled Side Charging Handle (0) $16.75 On sale: $14.99 This article was a great read if you're a newbie unfortunately this article forgot to actually mention some of the best BCG's on the market. , If you like convenience, selection and low prices, you owe it to yourself to shop online In fact, chrome BCGs are somewhat difficult to find today, but worth it if you can find one. Left Hand Nickel Boron BCG M16 / Ar15 Bolt Carrier Group $ 299.00 $ 149.00 . FOREVER. sorry I've owned a lot of BCG's and any discussion of the best BCG that doesn't include Cryptic Coatings at the very top is not worth reading. Aren't they the OEM for some of these Mfgrs? , The bolt carrier group is the heart of your AR15. Then clean them to see which is easier. Today, other finishes are much more common, all of which try to improve on the original chrome in either price or performance. ETC.. Give me that Sharp's all day long. Here are some of the important bits: See that high pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected above? I find the Cryptic Coating BCG to be slickest and easiest to clean of them all. Chrome is a finish well suited to the harsh environment where the bolt carrier group operates. The semi-auto ones have an extra cut that takes out some mass. Ok guys I love guns and building them and customizing them but I dont know everything about everything by far and now I'm on researching BCG's. ACME has taken their line of precision AR components and added a Nickel Boron coating to provide increased lubricity and much greater wear . An awesome AR-15 needs a great bolt carrier group (BCG). Hi, I'm Eric Hung and I got into guns when I was around 25 and started with YouTube videos, scouring forums, and eventually taking a bunch of classes. Change one and you have to adjust the rest. Brownells is your source for Chameleon Nickel-Boron Bolt Carrier Groups,Bolt Parts at Brownells parts and accessories. The whole BCG is completed with a nickel-boron coating. We're not a huge corporation that values the bottom line more than their customers and we're not a one-man band selling AR15 parts out of a garage, we're big enough to compete and small enough that each customer matters. Great combo with their builds if youre buying stuff from them anyways unless you want a different coating. I soaked up as much information as I could online, at competitions, and from tinkering in my workshop. Usually, its printed onto the bolt (either as MP or MPI).